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Prodám Blu-ray disky vše DOVOZ

PříspěvekNapsal: neděle 12. 3. 2017 15:49:50
od Rab
Prodám sbírku svých Blu-ray disků. Všech diksky jsou ve výborném, stavu, občas některá krabička má uražený rožek, způsobeno poštou z ciziny. Cena celkem 3000kč,- Tel: 733 749 499

Já, Robot US
The Last Stand US
Commando US
Escape Plan US
Sin City: A dame to Kill for 2D+3D (2 disky) US
The Expendables 1 Theatrical Cut US
The Expendables 1 Extended Director's Cut US
The Expendables 2 US
Taken 1 Unrated (Theatrical & Unrated Cut) US
Taken 2 Unrated (Theatrical & Unrated Cut) US
Taken 3 Unrated (Theatrical & Unrated Cut) US
Looper US
Saving Private Ryan US
Watchmen Director's Cut UK
Edward scissorhand US
Reservoir Dogs - 15th Anniversary US
The Usual Suspect US
Kung-Fu Panda 1 US
My, Myself & Irene US
27 Dresses US
50 First Dates US
What Happens in Las Vegas
The Man with No Name Trilogy US
A Bridge Too Far US
Battle of Britain US
Rescue Dawn US
Layer Cake UK
Signs US
Apocalypto US
The Lookout US
The River Wild US
The Shawshank Redemption
The French Connection 1 (2xBD) US
The French Connection 2 US
The French Connection 1 Filmmakers Signature Series (Remastered) US
Fight Club US
3:10 to Yuma US
Street Fighter UK
Spider Man 3 (Mastered in 4K) US
Van Damme 5-Movie Pack US (Hard Target, The Quest, street Fighter, Sudden Death, Lionheart)
Kickboxer US
Do útoku US
The Quest US
Bad Boys 1 - 20th Anniversary (Remastered) US
Bad Boys 2 US
The Island
Planet of the Apes Collection díly 1-5 US
The Thing US
Elektra - Director's Cut US
Miami Vice - Unrated Director's Cut US
30 Days of Night US
The Final Destination 1 3D US
The Intouchables US
Terminator 2: Judgement Day - Skynet Edition US
Indiana Jones andthe Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - 2-Disc Special Edition US
Pulp Fiction
Mad Max 1 US
Hidalgo US
The Fighter US
Warrior US
Total Recal - Mind-Bending Edition US
Pale Rider US
A River Runs Through It US
The Edge US
Sleepy Hollow DE
Troy - Director's Cut US